Try to run over a huge snowman and end up regreting

He wanted to knock down a two-meter snowman with his car; However, he ended up becoming a victim of ridicule for an unusual reason

The unthinkable outcome that had a driver who tried to collapse a snowman with his car ended up making it the mockery of thousands of users of social networks. His ‘unfortunate’ story went viral on Facebook.

And is that according to let us see the images uploaded to Facebook by the account of Cody Lutz Media, the furious driver not only was left with the desire to run over the doll, but also ended up causing serious damage to his own car.

The fact was made known after Lutz, who built the doll with his family in Petersburg, a town in Kentucky in the United States (USA), wake up and notice the trail of a vehicle that had tried to run over the peaceful person. Frosty ‘.

It happens that the ‘snow giant’ had been built on a large stump, the section of the trunk of a tree that is attached to the ground after making a cut.
The result? The snow figure was hardly affected because the ‘snowball hater’, the name with which he was baptized by some Facebook users, just dropped a bit of the hail.

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