Japanese millionaire surpasses RECORD of the most shared tweet of HISTORY

The Japanese millionaire and future space tourist Yusaku Maezawa surpassed the record of the most shared tweet in history, with a message in which he promises more than 8 thousand euros to some of his subscribers.

The quadrangle had published a tweet in Japanese on Saturday offering one million yen (8,061 euros) to 100 of his chosen followers who shared the message from here to Monday night.

When the 5.55 million retuits surpassed Monday afternoon, its message was placed in the first place of the most shared, according to the businessman.

“New world record exceeded. I exceeded the Twitter record of the number of retweets (up to now of 3.55 million) and people are still there, “Yusaku Maezawa wrote in his account.

The previous record was set in 2017 by an American teenager who was trying to win a year’s supply of chicken nuggets, offered by Wendy’s food chain.

Last October, Yusaku Maezawa had announced that he bought a ticket to travel the space, for a secret amount, starting in 2023 on a SpaceX company owned by Elon Musk.

This entrepreneur will go aboard the BFR rocket, which SpaceX is building in Los Angeles.

Yusaku Maezawa, 18th Japanese fortune with about 2 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine, was enriched by creating the Zozotown garment merchandising gallery.

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