CAIMÁN as an emotional support pet

The owner of the reptile tells that his pet likes to hide in cupboards, knock down garbage cans and watch television.

Joie Henney, from the vicinity of Strinestown (Pennsylvania, USA), has registered as an emotional support pet her 1.3-meter alligator called Wally. “It’s like a dog” that “wants to be loved and caressed”. This is how the American refers to his peculiar domestic animal, according to the York Daily Record.

Henney reported that Wally, with whom he shares a home since September 2015, likes to hide in lockers, knock over garbage cans and watch television. Wally and another crocodile, Scrappy, 2, spend most of their time in a pond of more than 1,000 liters in the living room.
At first, however, Wally was very scared and everything scared him. Only after a few months his owner managed to tame the animal. Henney, who between 1989 and 2000 had his own television hunting and fishing program on channels such as ESPN Outdoors and Fox, frequently visits Wally schools and centers for the elderly. This Monday, precisely, Henney took his reptile to a nursing home.

Henney is convinced that his reptile has calming and even healing powers. In addition, he affirms that Wally likes to be caressed by the upper part of the head, and that when they do it he closes his eyes as if he were a dog.

As justification for his unusual choice of pet, Henney remarked that cats have killed more people than crocodiles.

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