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What is Shared Web Hosting

Shared website hosting
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Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is that the most typical kind of web hosting, and is additionally the simplest to start out out on. Shared hosting could be a service wherever one server is shared between many shoppers. This generally offers the subsequent benefits and disadvantages:

It’s cheaper – you do not got to buy the entire server direct.
It’s easier to use – the server is preconfigured with the foremost common choices and your web hosting company can lookout of any maintenance and security updates for you.
You share the server resources along with your neighbors – if one website becomes very busy it should have an effect on (and slow down) all alternative sites on it server.
It are often less versatile – like living in a very shared lodging block your neighbors got to be thought-about. almost like exclusions on keeping pets or throwing wild parties (but less fun), you most likely will not be able to block a selected port or modify a core element.
Because shared net hosting is that the most typical kind of net hosting, most hosting corporations merely see it as web hosting or web site hosting. Midphase shared web hosting comes with the foremost most popular operational system: UNIX system web site hosting.

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