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Ways you can Use Google Analytics To Power Your marketing Efforts

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Ways you can Use Google Analytics To Power Your marketing Efforts

Google Analytics is that the world’s most well-liked net analytics application, utilized by nearly each different webmaster. in keeping with SimilarTech, nearly 61 of the highest 1 million websites (Alexa rankings) use Google Analytics.


However, most webmasters don’t use Google Analytics to its full potential. Studies indicate that just about 80th of ecommerce retailers use Google Analytics incorrectly. Viewing daily traffic stats, page views and traffic sources may be a terribly basic method of exploitation Google Analytics.

As a webmaster, you’ll be able to use it during a far more advanced manner and derive very helpful insights which will be wont to fine tune your traffic strategy and promoting campaigns.

In this post, I’ll discuss a number of ways that you’ll be able to use the data generated by Google Analytics to enhance your website’s content, fine tune your SEO structure and generate additional traffic.

1) Increase Organic Traffic with SEO Queries and Landing Page Reports
One of the most objectives of chase your web site analytics is to spot loopholes and notice ways that to draw in additional traffic. In Google Analytics, you’ll be able to do that observance the SEO queries and Landing Page reports.

But you initially ought to integrate your Google Analytics account along with your Google Webmaster Tools account. Once each these tools are integrated, you’ll be able to see the highest performing arts SEO queries for your web site that are becoming the best impressions on search engines.

Here’s what you must do.

Use the SEO report at intervals Google Analytics to visualize keyword ranking, clicks and impressions for your web site.
Sort the keyword list by the quantity of impressions, and look for the best impression keywords.
These area unit keywords that you’re already ranking well on Google search. you simply ought to improve the press through rate (CTR) for these keywords to extend your traffic.
To improve the CTR of those high impression keywords,

Keep your page and post titles around 55 characters, and meta descriptions around 156 characters.
Understand the context within which folks search your high impression keywords, and so produce content that’s helpful for those people. produce your content with the user’s intentions in mind and specialise in profit driven copy.

2) Increase Traffic With Keyword Report
To increase your website’s traffic by exploitation the proper keywords in your content, you’ll be able to use the keyword report in Google Analytics. To access this report, head to Traffic SourcesàKeyword Report.

Here’s you’ll be able to notice the highest keywords that area unit driving traffic to your web log. If you specialise in simply the highest ten keywords transferral within the highest traffic, here’s however you’ll be able to use them.

Use them as alternate tags within the pictures on your web site.
Also use these keywords within the titles of the pictures on your web site.
Use an equivalent high traffic keyword in your page title and outline.
Make these keywords a section of the anchor text of your internal web site links. however certify your keyword primarily based anchors embody different natural words yet. for instance, rather than exploitation the keyword “WordPress Themes” as anchor text, use “Here area unit a number of the simplest WordPress Themes” as anchor text. This looks additional natural.
Create additional web log content exploitation your high traffic keywords.

3) Drive additional Traffic exploitation Referrals Report
Your web site traffic will mainly be divided into 3 classes – organic search traffic, referral traffic and direct traffic.

To maximize your referral traffic, you’ll be able to use the Traffic SourceàReferral report.

Find out the highest websites that are causing traffic your method. Usually, your referrers fall in one or additional of the subsequent classes. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with each of them.

Communities and Niche Forums: to maximise your traffic from communities and forums like Quora, Triberr, Reddit and different niche specific teams, you must pay longer replying to completely different discussion threads. strive serving to folks along with your answers and specialise in making price. At the same time, share your own content where relevant.
Blogs and Websites: If a web log sends you lots of traffic, specialise in building a relationship with its owner and explore additional cross promotional opportunities. Link back to such blogs in your content, and often touch upon their posts. Also, strive contributive a number of guest posts to such blogs.
Social Media: determine the social network that sends the foremost traffic your method. determine the post structure that’s operating the simplest for you. Increase your posting frequency and replicate your winning posts for additional traffic and engagement.
To improve the conversion rate of your referral traffic, you’ll be able to produce specific landing pages or made-to-order messages for various referral sources. you’ll be able to use tools like hullo Bar to try and do this.

4) Improve web log Engagement exploitation the Content summary Report
People visit your web log or web site due to its content. If your content resolves their issues, answers their queries and helps them in any method, they’ll keep returning for additional.

So it’s vital to spot the content that’s truly attracting the best traffic. For this you’ll be able to use the Content summary Report in Google Analytics. Use it to search out out your prime performing arts content and determine trends from it.

Have a decent explore the posts that area unit attracting the best traffic. determine any improvement areas and take a look at to create them additional comprehensive. At an equivalent time, produce new web log content that enhances your standard content.

This will help you increase your reader engagement and therefore the average user time on web site.

5) Use the User Flow report back to Increase Conversions
One of the key objectives of attracting traffic to your web site is to convert them into leads or subscribers. This conversion rate is even additional vital than your traffic numbers. to create positive that your traffic incorporates a high conversion rate, you’ll be able to use the Users Flow report in Google Analytics.

Here’s what you must do.

Open the users flow report in Google Analytics.
Narrow the report by traffic, source, location, device etc.
To identify conversion loopholes, highlight traffic to a particular conversion page.
Analyze the common user drop off purpose within the funnel from landing to conversion.
Once you’ve known the weak link in your conversion funnel, you’ll be able to improve conversions by doing the subsequent

Set up in page surveys at the high drop off points exploitation tools like Qualaroo to search out out why users are dropping off your web site.
Based on the feedback, originated A/B tests to handle their objections.
Identify different high drop off points in your conversion funnel and repeat the on top of steps on them to bring enhancements.

6) Optimize Mobile User expertise
Traffic from mobile and smartphone users is increasing exponentially. you can not ignore mobile users once making a traffic strategy. to search out out the mobile expertise of your web site, use the mobile report in Google Analytics.

The two factors you must specialise in are bounce rate and time on web site. If the bounce rate is high, you may ought to build changes to your style and content. additionally determine the devices that have the best bounce rate to induce a more robust understanding of the explanations behind the high bounce rate.

To start, certify you’re employing a responsive web site style that adjusts in keeping with the size of the user’s device. additionally attempt to determine wherever and why users area unit dropping off in your funnel. Run A/B tests to visualize what remedies work the simplest for you.

7) Use Audience Reports to modify Your Message
If you run an e-commerce store or sell product on your web site, you’ll be able to boost your conversion rates considerably by providing personalised user experiences. For this, you’ll be able to use the audience reports in Google Analytics.

Using this report, attempt to determine content preferences of various audience segments on your web site. you may presumably have multiple audience teams that have an interest in specific content on your web site.

Create personalised messages and experiences for such guests and show them the product and services that they like. this can be extremely effective since nearly hr of ecommerce shoppers say they like getting from made-to-order stores.

Wrapping It Up
Google Analytics may be a extremely advanced net analytics tool which will be wont to derive very valuable insights from your web site traffic. By exploitation the various reports and statistics available in Google Analytics, you’ll be able to determine the loopholes in your web site style, content or structure, and build the required changes. If you recognize {how to|the method to|a way to} use this tool the proper way, it will play a key role in serving to you develop the proper on-line promoting ways for your web site.

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