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Some simple and simple homemade Beauty Tips

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Some simple and simple homemade Beauty Tips

Make a paste of glycerin, lime juice and rose water and apply it on your pimples and blackhead s space at nighttime time and next morning wash it. it’ll helps to relief from pimples and blackheads.

For lip pigmentation use almonds and cathartic paste and apply it before head to bed. it’ll take away every kind of spot and soft your lips.

If you’ve got dark circles in your eyes space, us the paste of oil and cathartic and rub it along with your finger until oil is absorbed.

build a natural scrub by mixing coarse ocean salt,almond oil,lavender oil and water. Apply this mixture on your hands and legs for some of minutes at the moment up off cold water. you’ll be able to feel refresh once washing it.

once shampoo and conditioner of your hair, take few drops of vinegar in water and wash hair thereon solutions. By this you’d get glowing and smooth hair.

cathartic works as a medicated oil. By exploitation cathartic you’ll be able to cut back the swelling of your eyes and acquire recent feeling.

Take slice cucumbers and keep it on your eye lids for 10 to 20 minutes. once removing it you ca n relax from eyes tiredness. And you’ll be able to additionally use cold milk. Take cotton absorbed milk and keep it on your eyes then wash it recent cold water.

To Avoid chapping lips by applying vaseline with honey. it’s going to apply thrice in a very week.

Keep you lips soft and glossy by exploitation rose petals with recent milk butter.

take away anti age mark on your hand by rubbing a bit of lemon on your hands.

it’s terribly difficult to comb hair once shampoo. If you’ll be able to use baby talcum powder on your hair,then it’ll simple to brush.

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