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Natural Beauty Tips for lovely Feet

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Natural Beauty Tips for lovely Feet

Feet is that the essential a part of the body. Most of the people don’t seem to be hassle concerning the feet. everybody ought to use caution concerning your feet like the way to keep your feet sleek and exquisite.

you’ll create it sleek by exploitation some some quality branded product and additionally room product. home made product is cheaper than market product. And additionally home product doesn’t have any facet result.

Take one cup lemon juice add 2 tsp olive oil and ΒΌ cup of milk. you’ll add rose petals just for smell.After that take some amount of water on the tub and add that mixture and soak your feet.

once a while wash your feet by exploitation mild soap. If you’ll do like that after per week, you’ll get the sleek and slick lovely feet.

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