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How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: A Beginner’s Guide

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How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: A Beginner’s Guide

Facebook Audience Insights is one amongst the foremost powerful analytical tools at your disposal — that’s, if you recognize a way to use it.

Accessed through Facebook Ads Manager, Audience Insights is liberated to use and provides a large quantity of demographic and activity information concerning your audience which of your competitors.

This tool was created to change advertisers to focus on their ads additional effectively, however you’ll use this tool to be told concerning your audience, albeit you’re not advertising to them. This information will assist you build stronger customer personas, produce additional compelling content, and uncover some gems for your competitive analysis.

This data comes from two main sources:

  • Self-reported Facebook data: this is often data given by users once they fill in their profile information, as well as age, gender, relationship standing, job title, location, Page Likes, etc.
  • Third-party information partners: info like household income, getting behaviour, and residential worth is additionally out there through external corporations that match that information to Facebook user IDs. it’s price noting this info is just available for U.S. audiences.
  • At Zazzle, we have a tendency to use this information all the time to assist build out stronger content ways. thus during this post, we’re progressing to provide you with an outline of however Facebook Audience Insights works and provides you recommendations on victimization it in your promoting.
  • To access this tool, merely head to your Facebook Ads manager and click on on ‘Audience Insights’ within the left-hand menu.

To explore the tool, follow at the side of the steps below.

Step 1: select your audience.

When you initial open Audience Insights, you’ll seemingly be prompted to pick out an audience to start out. (Note: this is often simply a prompt — you’ll modification your answer later.)

The options here are:

  • Everyone on Facebook: this provides you an outline of the entire of Facebook (Note: It defaults to U.S., but you’ll modification this later on). this could be selected if you would like to know information supported broad interests or competition Pages.
  • People Connected to Your Page: this selection directs you to pick out your own Facebook Page from all the Pages you manage. this is often helpful to understanding your existing audience.
  • A Custom Audience: If you’re already victimization Facebook Custom Audiences you’ll choose associate degree existing audience here. to make a Custom Audience, you’ll need to transfer a listing of email addresses. Facebook can then match those email addresses with user accounts. If you’ve got
  • plenty of client information, this is often a very powerful tool that permits you to know demographics and behaviours of individuals you recognize are already victimization your complete.
  • Throughout this guide we’ll specialise in the primary possibility, but it’s an equivalent method if you were to pick out ‘People Connected to Your Page’ or ‘Custom Audiences.’
  • By choosing the ‘Everyone on Facebook’ possibility, you’ll be taken to the screen within the next step.

Step 2: choose your segment’s parameters.

  • In this step, you would like to place within the distinctive characteristics of your audience.
  • As you’ll see, the placement default is united states. If the audience you would like to appear at is U.K.-based (or the other country), you’ll modification this by writing within the location box and choosing the suitable country.
  • For the examples during this post, we’ll use the uk for our audience location. By choosing “United Kingdom” from that drop-down, it’ll be supplementary to the list.
  • But if you would like to get rid of the us from your analysis, it’s easy. simply hover over the us, then choose the X to get rid of it from your screen.
  • You can add as several countries as you want here, or leave it blank to appear at Facebook demographics across the planet.
  • Using this menu on the left-hand facet, you’ll currently section your audience by age, gender, interests, folks connected to your Page, and additional advanced information like behaviour, language, education, work, etc.
  • The Interests possibility may be a good way to uncover competition or trade info.
  • You can look for interest teams here or specific Pages. it’s price mentioning that not all Pages can seem here. it always depends on size of the Page, but there’s no definitive logic to the present, as some Pages with 20,000 Likes might not seem, whereas a Page with 2,000 might. the simplest factor to try and do is to own a listing of Pages and interests, and easily enter them into this box to ascertain if they seem.
  • If the precise Page you would like to enter has dots or different symbols within the Page name, then omit them once coming into the Page.
  • Let’s take eBay as an example. we wish to appear for the audience of the U.K. Page, that is named If we have a tendency to enter ebaycouk into this box, you’ll see it seems as an choice to choose.
  • We have currently created an audience of individuals who like and are placed within the U.K.

Step 3: Explore the information.

Now that we’ve created our audience of individuals within the U.K. who like, we will begin to explore the information and perceive additional concerning this cluster of individuals.

There are six tabs out there at intervals the tool, that cowl completely different aspects of information out there. These are:

  • Demographics
  • Page Likes
  • Location
  • Activity
  • Household*
  • Purchase*

*Note: The last 2 are solely out there to information as well as U.S. audiences, thus aren’t clickable once staring at a U.K. audience.


  • The demographics tab includes info on age, gender, mode (U.S. only), and relationship standing, education and job title.
  • Looking at our audience, we can see that we have a tendency to are staring at a monthly active audience of 1 – 1.5 million folks, as highlighted below in red, which means that we have a tendency to area unit staring at a big pool of information. If this monthly active audience has fewer than 1,000 people, no information can seem here.
  • We can see from this that sixty one of the audience is feminine, compared to fifty one of all folks within the U.K. on Facebook. we can additionally see that the majority of those are within the 25-34 and 35-44 people. This information is very valuable once making personas and designing content to have interaction the target market.
  • Throughout this method you’ll section additional by clicking on the left-hand menu. as an example, if you needed to simply investigate the feminine section of this audience, you’ll choose this on the menu. this could be in hot water all of those choices (age, gender, and additional advanced choices as well as language, relationship standing, job title, etc.).
  • We can additionally see the foremost seemingly industries that an acquaintance of can add. this is often sorted by default for people who over index compared to the common Facebook audience, but if you click ‘Selected Audience’ you’ll type this by size of the audience.
  • This information shows that an acquaintance of is possibly to figure in sales, admin, management, or production. This info is valuable once making content promoting personas, facultative us to make an information wise image of our potential audience.

Page Likes

The Page Likes tab is split into 2 sections.

  • The first section details the highest classes of Pages that the chosen audience likes at the side of the highest Pages at intervals those classes.
  • Taking our audience, we will see what else they Like on Facebook to make an image of their interests and mode. we can see that there are plenty of household name brands during this list, as well as Nurofen, Samsung, Febreze, Tetley Tea, etc. These are principally reasonable, with no ‘luxury’ brands showing on this list.
  • The second section outlines the precise Pages that this audience is additional seemingly to love than the common Facebook user.
  • In’s case, this list is dominated by affordable household brands. you’ll use this information to know the kind of one who is probably going to love and what else they’re interested.
  • Check out all the Pages on this list to ascertain what quite content your audience likes to receive on Facebook.


  • The third tab out there is Location. at intervals this tab, you’ll see prime Cities, prime Countries, and prime Languages.
  • As we have a tendency to have already got this information filtered to solely embrace U.K., the highest Countries tab can solely show uk. the highest Cities tab provides us a thought of wherever within the U.K. this audience relies. If you’ve got a regional business, this information are able to tell you if your Page (or competitors) is reaching the proper audience.
  • Again, this is often sorted by default to the areas that over index compared to the Facebook average. Click on ‘Selected Audience’ to re-sort by preferred cities supported volume.
  • As would be expected thanks to the high population of the realm, the bulk of this audience is in London. apparently, this is often 32nd but the Facebook average. Also, there’s a reasonably even unfold across different major U.K. cities for this audience.

The final tab out there to us once staring at U.K. Audience Insights is Activity. This information helps us perceive the behaviour and activity of this audience on Facebook.

This is split into 2 sections:

  • Frequency of Activities: This information shows user activity within the last 30 days. Here we will see the common variety of Pages likeable, aboard variety of engagements (comments, Likes, shares, ad clicks) created within the last 30 days.
  • Device Users: the kind of devices wont to access Facebook, split between mobile and desktop, so additional drill down into the precise device.
    By staring at frequency of activity, we will see however active this audience is on Facebook. This helps inform us on if this can be a worthy platform to focus on and interact the audience.
  • We can see that the common fan of Likes 45 Facebook Pages. whereas this shows that they’re active on this platform, it additionally implies that Page content should stand bent on be participating thanks to plenty of competition from different Pages within the user’s News Feed.
  • We can additionally see that they’re additional seemingly than the common Facebook user to have interaction with comments, Likes, shares, and ads.
  • The second information class out there here is that the devices employed by this audience to access Facebook. There are 2 choices ‘All Devices Used’ and ‘Primary Device’. By choosing ‘Primary Device’ we can see whether or not this audience are additional seemingly to use desktop or mobile, aboard the kind of device.
  • We can see that ‘iPhone/iPod’ and ‘Android’ are the 2 preferred here. apparently, android use is 35th more than the common Facebook user. This info is vital once making content to share via Facebook therein it should be compatible with these devices.

Step 4: Save your audience.

After capturing all of this information and victimization it to know your audience and inform personas and content concepts, you’ll save this to refer back to, or use to higher target your Facebook ad campaigns.

Simply click on ‘Save’ at the highest of the Page and you’ll tend the choice to call your audience. This information will then be found in Power Editor and selected at intervals your campaigns. you’ll additionally use the Open choice to the left of save to access a antecedently saved audience.


The Facebook Audience Insights tool provides access to extremely valuable demographic and activity information, facultative you to be told more concerning your audience and potential audience, victimization info they need provided themselves to Facebook.

Using this information to not solely target your advertising campaigns additional effectively, however additionally to make personas and inform content promoting concepts ought to be a very important a part of ensuring your strategy is information wise.

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