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How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales With Effective Twitter marketing

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How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales With Effective Twitter marketing

Twitter is any marketer’s dream platform. With over 284 million active monthly users and a monthly volume of over 500 million Tweets, Twitter permits businesses of each size to watch their target customers closely, interact them frequently and drive additional sales.

For e-commerce businesses tho’, Twitter could be a gold mine. If you recognize a way to use this platform to your advantage, you’ll convert it into a serious revenue generation channel for your e-commerce business. It’s not concerning knowing the options that Twitter offers. It’s additional concerning victimization those options to drive business price. And this is often what i’m reaching to tell you during this post.

1. perceive the Platform and Your Objective
Before diving deep, perceive however Twitter will contribute to your business. Twitter could be a fast-paced small blogging platform. it’s given voice to common men and girls round the world, who actively use it to interact with their friends, celebrities and their favorite brands.

It is not primarily an ecommerce platform, and folks don’t come back here to shop for and sell product. to require advantage of this powerful tool, you wish to be told the foundations of the sport. rather than attempting to sell product all the time, you wish to affix conversations, build relationships, establish trust so drive sales.

Don’t expect immediate results from it. It won’t open floodgates of revenue and traffic instantly. however once you identify yourself on it, and earn the trust of your followers, things can begin happening.

2. Build a powerful whole Image along with your Profile
Your objective on Twitter is to form sales. For this you wish to ascertain trust by building a powerful whole image. Your Twitter profile could be a great spot to start out your disapproval activities.

Twitter Handle: Use your name. If it’s not out there, add variety at the tip. however attempt to keep it straightforward and straightforward to recollect.
Profile Picture: Use your company’s brand because the profile image.
Header Image: Use a picture of your team or your office block because the header image. during this virtual space, showing your physical existence will extremely assist you stand out. If you don’t have a physical existence, use a picture that reflects your business.
Bio: Twitter offers you a hundred and sixty characters to explain yourself/your business. Use this area sagely. while not being too fancy, describe in clear words what your business is all concerning. Use the keywords that resonate along with your audience. for instance, here’s however KitchenAid, a number one kitchenware portal, describe their profile.
Location: For e-commerce websites, location usually matters. therefore mention it clearly on your profile.

3. alter Twitter Cards For Product Pages
Twitter cards could be a powerful Twitter feature that actually comes handy for ecommerce websites. If enabled on your web site, Twitter cards can show further data once somebody Tweets your product pages. the quality Tweets are restricted to a hundred and forty characters, however Twitter cards expand that limit by showing a snipping of your product page that has the product worth and amount available. this may modify the shopping for method for your patrons and increase the chance of creating sales.


4. Attract Followers the sensible means
Once you have got the fundamentals in situ, you must target attracting relevant followers. Target those that look on-line and who’re doubtless to buy from your ecommerce web site.
Avoid 2 mistakes,

a) Don’t get followers from any Twitter selling company. They’re largely inactive followers who are of no use.
b) Don’t mass follow folks within the hope of obtaining follow-backs. this may hurt your whole image.

Instead target the subsequent activities.

Become a information source: Accounts that share prime quality and unjust Tweets frequently, attract followers naturally. ensure your Tweets serve a purpose. create them unjust. Share tips, recommendation and best practices. Become the go-to account for everything associated with your niche.
Target your competitors’ followers: Your competitors’ followers are the most effective place to start out. Attracr them to your profile by partaking with them. undergo your competitors’ profiles and see if there are any unreciprocated Tweets or queries that you just will answer. Enter your competitor’s name in Twitter search and see what folks are saying concerning them. reply to their Tweets to allow them to apprehend you’re a more robust choice.
Cross-network promotion: Route folks from your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and alternative social media profiles to your Twitter account. try this by adding your Twitter handle all told your introductions and by frequently posting concerning it on totally different platforms.
Market with guest blogging: Guest blogging could be a good way to draw in followers. Target the highest blogs in your niche and provide them prime quality guest posts. Add your Twitter handle within the author bio and raise folks to follow.
Influencer outreach: Follow the highest influencers in your niche (people who’re thought to be experts). reply to their Tweets and check out partaking them. The additional you interact with influencers, the additional exposure you’ll get.
Acknowledge RTs: after you get ReTweets, favorite them as an acknowledgement and send atiny low thanks message back. this may assist you win additional followers.
Twitter Chats: you’ll host Twitter chats on totally different topics of your niche to spice up engagement. opt for a hashtag, for instance #kitchentalk, and raise all of your followers to Tweet with this hashtag. Hosting Twitter chats is fun, and may win you plenty of recent followers.

5. Structure Your Tweets for optimum Engagement
Each Tweet has solely 140 characters, however it still involves plenty of science in driving engagement (ReTweets, Replies, and Favorites) on Twitter. The structure of your Tweets is crucial for your possibilities to draw in new followers. Here are a couple of belongings you ought to confine mind.

Note: The stats used below are supported a groundwork by Dan Zarella, a social media mortal at HubSpot.

Tweet Length: Tweets between 110 and 115 characters attract the very best engagement and RTs.
Link Placement: If your Tweets have links, place them close to the beginning of the Tweet. an analysis of around 20,000 discovered that Tweets containing a link within the 1st 50 characters attracted additional RTs and a better click through rate (CTR)
Hashtags: Tweets with hashtags get 55th additional RTs. assign to 3 hashtags with each Tweet.
Quotes: Tweets with quotation marks get 30 minutes additional RTs.
Images and Vines: Tweets with pictures and visual content get virtually 200th additional RTs.
Tweet Timing: Tweets between 9AM – 6PM get the very best engagement on weekdays.
Mentions: once tagging somebody in a very Tweet, ensure the Tweet doesn’t begin with a Twitter handle. Otherwise solely the labelled person are ready to see it.

6. Track Your Performance With Twitter Analytics
Twitter analytics could be a comparatively new feature. however it offers you excellent insights on your Tweets and engagement levels. It shows you a timeline of your previous Tweets light the Tweets that attracted the very best engagement and also the users who showed the foremost interest in your content. observing these stats, you’ll create changes to your Tweet structure and content combine.

You can see your elaborate account analytics from your profile menu.

7. Encourage Sharing on Your web site
You need to form it as simple as attainable for your web site guests to share your product and web site pages on Twitter. you’ll try this by:

Adding social media sharing buttons on your product pages. you’ll use services like AddThis or DiggDigg to enter sharing buttons.
Add a press release like “Share with your friends” or “Sharing is Caring!” with your social media buttons. merely asking your guests may also increase your sharing numbers.
Add a Twitter follow button on your web site.

8. Use Twitter Lists to watch Your audience
Twitter Lists is another feature that may assist you target your customers way more effectively. Twitter could be a howling place and it is terribly laborious to target your target customers with numerous folks Tweeting at an equivalent time.

With this feature, you’ll add specific folks to a Twitter list and monitor them in isolation. you’ll solely see the Tweets of the list members. this may cut the noise and assist you target your target users.

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