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Facebook can shortly get LinkedIn style profile tags

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Facebook can shortly get LinkedIn style profile tags

As Snapchat and WhatsApp continue capturing users’ mind-share, world’s biggest social network Facebook is attempting to reinvent itself so as to remain relevant.

It appears Facebook has taken cues from LinkedIn for its latest feature: profile tags. skilled networking web site LinkedIn has had for long profile tags that permit others describe your skills. Facebook is conveyance identical feature to its platform, however creating it a little personal.

First noticed by The Verge, these profile tags permit friends to explain your temperament, with no limits on what they tag. for instance, one Facebook profile enclosed tags like ‘Designer’ and ‘Unbreakable’, and additionally ‘Rockstar leggings’ and ‘Plays hearthstone’. Tags are often plain text additionally as in emojis.

While friends will tag anything they require, they’ll not seem on your profile unless you settle for them; you will additionally value more highly to ignore or decline the tag notifications. Once approved, these tags can seem on your timeline, and might be ‘liked’ by friends.

In a statement to The Verge, Facebook aforementioned, “Profile tags are a creative tool that allows you to and your friends add tags to your profile to focus on the items that describe you and what you are into.” the company is currently testing profile tags in New zealand only.

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