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Engaging Facebook Business Page

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Engaging Facebook Business Page

So you’ve got set to line up a Facebook Page for your company — or even you only wish to create the foremost of your existing one. Well, considering Facebook is home to over 1.4 billion monthly active users, you make a sensible move.

But if you’re thinking that you’ll be able to simply clap together a Facebook Page and expect the leads and customers to roll right in, you’ve another issue coming back. the possibilities of really generating leads and customers from Facebook are pretty slim if you are not making a Facebook Page with the potential to induce detected, Liked, and engaged with. examine the information below to create positive you are making a fascinating page that does not founder.

And for even additional Facebook Business Page tips, transfer our free guide here.

19 Essential Facebook Fan Page Tips

1) do not produce a dummy account for your business page.
I’ve detected of such a lot of folks making “dummy” personal accounts (like Holly HubSpot) so as to form their Facebook Business Page (like HubSpot). folks sometimes do that to create positive workers do not abuse the actual fact that they need a whole page connected to their personal Facebook account — or just to confirm that folks do not erroneously post things on their Facebook Business Page that were meant for his or her personal page. however the actual fact of the matter is, making over one personal account goes against Facebook’s terms of service, which provides Facebook the grounds to close up your Facebook Business Page at any moment.

Not ideal.

To avoid business mishaps, offer Facebook Business Page body and writing rights solely to the staff who would like it (you will do that below ‘Page Roles’ in ‘Settings’), and take care to supply adequate coaching so that they are not confused concerning wherever they ought to be striking publish, what they ought to be posting, and who they ought to be posting it as.

As a page administrator, you’ll be able to opt to publish, comment, or sort of a post on your page as either your personal profile name or your page name below ‘Post Attribution’ in ‘Settings.’


2) Add a recognizable profile image.

You’ll want to select a profile image which will be straightforward for your potential fans to acknowledge. this might be something from a corporation brand for an enormous whole to a headshot of yourself if you are a solopreneur or adviser. Being recognizable is vital to obtaining found and likeable — particularly in Facebook Search. Your profile image is pictured at the highest of your Facebook Page and is additionally the thumbnail image that gets displayed next to any or all your Facebook Page updates, therefore select sagely.

When selecting a photograph, confine mind that Facebook needs your profile image dimensions to be 180 pixels by one hundred eighty pixels — albeit the image can show as 160 pixels by a hundred and sixty pixels on desktop computers.


3) select a fascinating cowl image.

Next, you’ll have to select a lovely cowl image. Since your cowl image takes up the foremost realty higher than the fold on your Facebook Page, make certain you are selecting one that is prime quality and fascinating to your guests, like this one from’s Facebook Page:


Keep in mind that Facebook cowl image dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. to assist you produce a lovely cowl image optimized for the correct dimensions, transfer our pre-sized Facebook cowl image guide here, and skim au courant some do’s and don’ts for making partaking cowl photos during this web log post.

4) Optimize the descriptions of your profile image and canopy image by adding links.

Depending on your goals for victimization Facebook, you will wish to think about together with links to your web site within the descriptions for your profile image and canopy image. whether or not it’s to a web log post, a chunk of lead-gen content, or simply an “About Us” page, links are opportunities for interested people to induce to understand your company higher, and also the descriptions of your profile image and canopy image are prime realty to try and do it:

If you opt to feature links to the descriptions of those 2 photos, make certain they’re shortened links with UTM parameters connected to them — that manner, you recognize if they are operating or not.


5) Bonus: Integrate your profile image along with your cowl image.

If you wish to induce further artistic and feel assured concerning your style skills, strive coordinative your profile image and your cowl image in a very artistic manner. for instance, examine however Coca-Cola will it on its Facebook Page:


The possibilities are endless!

6) Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your cowl image.

Back in December 2014, Facebook launched a brand new feature that enables you to feature one amongst seven pre-made call-to-action buttons to your Facebook Page’s cowl image. Pages will select from one amongst the subsequent choices — “Sign Up,” “Shop currently,” “Contact US,” “Book currently,” “Use App,” “Watch Video,” and “Play Game” — and customise it with a destination URL of their selecting.

This is a good manner for marketers to drive traffic from their Facebook Business Page back to their web site. examine however building Urbano uses the “Book Now” button on its Facebook Page:


Another good thanks to use these calls-to-action is to integrate your Facebook cowl image along with your CTA button. examine however we tend to antecedently integrated the “Sign Up” button with a canopy image we tend to used on HubSpot’s page to push HubSpot’s free CRM:


To add a call-to-action button to your cowl image, click the ‘Create Call-to-Action’ button set on your cowl image. you may then be able to select the button copy you wish and specify the url you wish to direct guests to. to induce information on what number folks are clicking your button, merely click the drop-down arrow on your button and choose ‘View Insights.’

7) customise your Facebook Page with apps — then organize your tabs.

See those tabs below the duvet image on HubSpot’s Facebook Page, pictured below? Those are apps you’ll be able to augment your Facebook Page collectively thanks to customise it.


For example, once a traveler to HubSpot’s page clicks on our ‘Jobs’ tab, HubSpot’s Facebook Page Timeline gets replaced with an inventory of jobs out there at HubSpot, power-driven by Jobvite’s Facebook app:

To customise your Facebook Page with apps, visit the Facebook App Center and look for apps you wish to feature to your page. once clicking on the result you wish, click the flag icon flag-icon.png to go to the app’s page. Next, click the menu icon dot-menu.png set on the app page’s cowl image, and choose ‘Add App to Page.’ to require this one step additional, you’ll be able to even produce your terribly own custom apps with to a small degree of school savvy. find out how to form custom Facebook Page apps here.

Once you’ve got adscititious apps, you’ll be able to additionally set up the order within which they seem at the highest of your page. Facebook can mechanically show your ‘Timeline’ and ‘About’ tabs initial, however you’ll be able to choose 2 additional apps to point out up primarily in your tabs section. Everything else can make up the ‘More’ dropdown. select the foremost partaking or necessary apps out of all those you’ve got enabled on your page to seem within the high row. you’ll be able to do therefore by clicking the ‘More’ dropdown, choosing ‘Manage Tabs,’ and so dragging and dropping your apps to set up the order of your tabs.

8) Fill out your ‘About’ section with basic data, and add company milestones.

Don’t forget concerning one amongst the foremost necessary sections of all: your ‘About’ section. A preview of it lives on the left-hand facet of your page at a lower place your profile image, and it’s one amongst the primary places folks can look once they are scanning your page. guests also can navigate to your full ‘About’ section by clicking on the tab at the highest of your page.

Be sure to optimize the ‘About’ section on the left facet of your page with transient nonetheless descriptive copy — by doing therefore, potential fans will get a way of what your page is concerning before they plan to such as you. This copy can get force from the ‘Short Description’ you offer among your full ‘About’ tab. To edit your full ‘About’ tab, click on that, hover over the section you want to edit, and click on the pencil icon.

You should additionally take into account populating the ‘Milestones’ section of your ‘About’ tab with noteworthy company milestones — as an example, the day/year your company was based, once you launched common merchandise, or once you hosted major events. to feature milestones, click on the ‘Timeline’ section of your page, and click on the ‘Offer, Event +’ possibility within the page update musician close to the highest of your page.


9) Post photos and videos to your Timeline.

Why photos and videos? as a result of they are verified to be the foremost partaking sorts of content on Facebook, consistent with a study conducted by Quintly.

The other reason posting these sorts of updates are necessary is as a result of you’ll be wanting your ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’ apps — that are apps mechanically adscititious to each Facebook Page — to truly be inhabited with photos and videos.

Maximize your Facebook juice right from the start! make certain the transmission content you post is that the correct size by searching for this social media dimensions infographic.

10) Post alternative content sorts still.

If you are solely posting photos and videos, you will notice a decline in your Facebook reach and engagement. whereas photos and videos are verified to be the foremost partaking content formats on Facebook, an excessive amount of of a decent issue are often dangerous for your Facebook Page. therefore strive change up the sort of content you share to extend the prospect your audience sees them — share links to articles, post offers, etc.

Just take care the content you share is optimized for Facebook sharing. for instance, knowing Facebook also will pull in pictures related to the links you share, make certain the pictures employed in the content of the links {you’re|you are} sharing are optimized for the perfect Facebook dimensions; otherwise, the shared link will not show up as conspicuously on your Timeline or within the News Feed.


See however the update on the left displays way more conspicuously that the update on the right? each are link updates, however the one on the left is related to a picture larger than 600 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Aim for those minimum image dimensions in your content to take care links to yout content are optimized once shared on Facebook by you or alternative Facebook users.

11) Promote lead-gen and non-lead-gen content.

Even if one amongst your main goals is to get leads from Facebook, you should not use each update to push lead-gen offers like webinars, ebooks, premium downloads, etc. make certain you have got a healthy balance of lead-gen posts and content meant for engagement alone — you will get additional folks interacting along with your page (which suggests that you’ll need a far better probability of manifestation within the News Feed later on), and you will have a far better probability of growing your Facebook fan base. That way, once you do publish lead-gen content, it’s going to get exposed to a far larger audience.

Bonus tip: For any updates that contain links, take care to put the link before the top of the fifth line of text — that is wherever Facebook can truncate it and add a “see more” tag. This way, your fans will not have to be compelled to click “see more” so as to access your call-to-action.

12) verify the perfect temporal order and frequency for your posts.

An important thought in your Facebook content strategy ought to be however often you post, and when. this is often necessary to accept as a result of it’ll have an effect on however roaring your page is within the long-term. whereas posting multiple times on a daily basis are often a strategic thanks to land within the News Feed, you may find yourself shooting yourself within the foot like this business did:


Because this explicit page printed too several updates in brief timeframe, Facebook’s rule classified them along, rendering the hidden post near-useless. forestall this from happening by considering once your audience are on Facebook, experimenting with completely different posting frequencies and temporal order, checking the performance of your updates in your Facebook Insights (which you’ll be able to navigate to via the tab at the terribly high of your page), and so craft your posting strategy consequently.

To help you work out your ideal business timing and frequency, we’ve additionally researched some social media frequency benchmarks in our 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report.

13) Leverage Facebook’s business and targeting tools.

Did you recognize you may schedule posts on Facebook, either through associate degree external business tool like HubSpot’s Social Inbox, or through the Facebook interface itself? programing posts permits you to avoid wasting time on social media community management and assist you balance the categories of content you share.

Were you aware you may additionally set individual posts to expire at bound times? this may be nice for time-sensitive posts concerning things like forthcoming events or limited-time offers. each of those options are often managed via the ‘Publishing Tools’ tab at the highest of your Facebook Page.

Last however not least, do not forget to leverage Facebook’s targeting talents for segmenting specific updates to bound audiences. Facebook permits you to section individual page posts by gender, relationship or academic standing, age, location, language, or interests. you’ll be able to additionally set an expiration date for your post here still.


14) Pin necessary posts to the highest of your page.

When you post new content to your Facebook Page, older posts get pushed farther down your Timeline. however generally you will need a specific post to remain at the highest of your page for extended — even once you publish new updates. to unravel for this, Facebook offers the flexibility to “pin” one post at a time to the highest of your page. you’ll be able to use fastened posts as the way to push things like new lead-gen offers, forthcoming events, or necessary product announcements.

To pin a post, click on the drop-down arrow within the high right corner of a post on your page, and click on ‘Pin to high.’ it’ll then seem at the highest of your page, flagged with alittle orange marker. simply confine mind that you simply will solely have one fastened post at any given time.


15) Decide whether or not you wish Facebook fans to message you in private.

If you wish your Facebook fans to be able to in private message you directly through your page, positively change the messages feature — you’ll be able to change and disable messaging capabilities via the ‘Messages’ tab at the terribly high of your page, however provided that you are associate degree administrator of the page.

We suggest sanctionative messaging on your page to create it as easy as potential for your fans to succeed in dead set you — however solely do therefore if you have got the time monitor and reply to your messages. If you cannot dedicate resources to checking your message inbox, create it terribly clear in your ‘About’ piece what the foremost direct thanks to get in-tuned with you is … and so in fact really reply to those inquiries from your fans.

16) Monitor and reply to comments on your page.

Speaking of observance the interactions your fans have along with your page, do not forget concerning comments. you’ll be able to monitor and reply to comments via the ‘Notifications’ tab at the terribly high of your page. whereas it’s going to not be necessary to retort to each single comment you receive, you must positively monitor the conversations happening there (especially to remain on high of potential social media crises), and aim to act along with your Facebook fans on an everyday basis.

If you would like facilitate deciding what is value responding to in social media, examine this useful flow diagram.

17) Promote your page to get additional followers.

Now that you have crammed your page with content, it is time to push the heck out of it.

Add thereforecial media follow buttons to your web site and your emails so it is simple for your web site guests and email recipients to search out and connect with you on Facebook. strive embedding a Facebook Like hold in your blog’s sidebar. take into account doing a zealous sent to your contacts to alert them that you are on Facebook. while not promotion, it’ll be abundant tougher for your page to grow.

Here are another nice ways that to extend your social reach.

18) live the success of your Facebook efforts.

Remember back in tip #4 once we suggested victimization pursuit URLs? Here’s why: In your promoting analytics platform, you may then be able to track what number clicks those URLs have gotten, and thus, what proportion traffic they are concerning your web site. And if you have got closed-loop promoting, you will be able to attribute leads and customers to those specific Facebook efforts. Pretty sweet, right?

Besides your bottom-line metrics, you must additionally dive into your page’s Facebook Insights therefore you’ll be able to track Facebook-specific engagement metrics. Here, you will be able to analyze things just like the demographics of your fans and (if you have got over 30 Likes) the demographics of the those who are literally partaking along with your page. you may additionally get insight into however folks are interacting with completely different posts on your page — that you’ll be able to use to switch your Facebook content strategy to publish additional of what works, and fewer of what does not.

You can access your Facebook Insights via the tab at the highest of your page.

19) try some Facebook advertising to amplify what works.

Now that you simply apprehend what works for you on Facebook, it would be for you to place some extra oomph behind posts you recognize resonate along with your audience.

Putting alittle little bit of your budget into Facebook ads will go an extended manner — particularly if you make data-driven choices. Learn additional concerning the categories of Facebook ads out there and what makes a roaring Facebook ad during this web log post.

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