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Domain Name and web Hosting Explained

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Domain Name and web Hosting Explained

Domain Name

  • Domain name is that the name of your web site. as an example, . individuals bear in mind and acknowledge your website, and your complete by this name. thus a website is that the terribly basic and vital part whereas making a web site.
  • A good name ought to be simple to spell, bear in mind and short. browse these domain registration tips before get one.
  • Anyone will register a .com, .net, .org , .biz, .info, .name, .eu, or domain names. However, the foremost well-liked TLD is .com.
  • You need to pay around $10 – $15 yearly to register a website name. a number of the businesses enable you to form a free name . however it invariably appearance unprofessional as a result of they need their own brand at the tip (for example, , .
  • Stay away from these types of domain, as a result of individuals ne’er take your website seriously, and once the corporate set to prevent their service or take away your website, you lost all of your labor.

Web Hosting

  • A internet host provides you the space to host all of your files, pictures and information . this can be the place you may get your email accounts , databases and scripts to run your web site.
  • Your web site speed , internet pages’ performance , sites availableness, all depends on your hosting . thus once you choose a hosting, opt for the most effective one.
  • You need to pay around $4-$7 per month in line with your hosting set up.
  • I am using HostGator internet hosting for all my websites, and it’s one in every of the most effective internet hosting supplier with a lot of reasonable hosting plans and superb client support.
  • Like free domains , please avoid free hosting conjointly. They show unwanted ads on your web site and appearance amateurish and have restricted space and band with .
  • I think you bought the essential understanding of domain and hosting , next is to start out building your web site. Let’s build a web site that works!

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