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Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

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How to select an ideal colour scheme for Your WordPress web site

Are you having a tough time picking your website’s color scheme? selecting the proper color combination not solely will increase your site’s visual charm, however it may generate favorable response from your guests in terms of sales and conversions. during this article, we’ll show you the way to settle on an ideal colour scheme for your WordPress web site by understanding the science of colours and victimization one in all four superb resources.

Psychology of colours

It is a well researched theory that colours will have an effect on human responses. colours have associate degree emotional pull on our choices and decisions we have a tendency to create in our way of life.
Large companies pay lots of greenbacks building a well crafted complete image and identity for his or her product. They rent specialists to select simply the right combination of colours for his or her brands and product.
The colors you employ on your web site area unit a part of your complete image. you wish to settle on colours that generate a good emotional response for your complete and product.
So however does one fathom that colours and what quite response you’re trying for?

Lucky for you, marketers and psychologists have done lots of analysis already. Take a glance at this infographic:
Red: is that the color of youth and joy. It reflects boldness and confidence.
Green: Creates a soothing calming impact, it evokes a peaceful, progressive, and calm emotional response.
Blue: It reflects trust, strength, responsibility.
Black: Black generates a complicated, solid, secure emotional response.
White: Clarity and ease are the 2 major effects of White.
Yellow: Yellow is that the color of optimism, warmth, friendliness.
Orange: Orange creates a fun, friendly, confidence, and cheerful impact.
Pink: sensualness,femininity, romance, and love area unit the emotions related to Pink.

Other Things to contemplate

This goes while not language that colours want context to figure the approach you would like them to figure. Your complete or product might have already got bound associations that will or might not work with the colours you’re selecting.
Here are a number of stuff you ought to contemplate before learning a colour scheme for your site:
First, you wish to contemplate the present complete image. If you have already got a emblem and alternative promoting materials, then you will wish to use the present colours.
You also got to contemplate that colours can look sensible on the net. Things that look nice on print will look quite totally different on screen. accept alternative media like sliders, videos, images, decision to action buttons, etc that you just are going to be adding to your web site. accept what colours you may be victimization the foremost.

1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC
Formerly referred to as Kuler, Adobe Color CC may be a great tool to get color palettes. you’ll be able to choose color rules, then spin the wheel. you’ll be able to manually modify every colorise the palette and remainder of the colours are going to be mechanically adjusted to match the colour rule. you’ll be able to conjointly generate color palettes by uploading photos.

2. Photocopa by COLORLovers


Colorlovers is one in all the foremost fashionable destinations for color inspiration and ideas. they need some nice tools to get color schemes. one in all them is PhotoCopa that permits you to get a colour scheme from photos. you’ll be able to conjointly use their basic tool that generates colours mixtures by merely choosing a color.

3. Material Palette

Material Palette Generator

Inspired by Google’s Material style conception, Material Palette permits you to get color schemes victimization the look rules. it’s designed to inspire color schemes to be utilized in mobile apps however these color schemes will simply be used for websites also.



Coolors may be a terrific colour scheme generator. merely hit the key to get color schemes. you’ll be able to modify a colorise the theme manually and lock it down. you’ll be able to conjointly transfer color schemes to use in your comes later.

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