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Basic Steps for a Fast SEO Audit

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Basic Steps for a Fast SEO Audit

When you don’t have too much time for an in depth SEO Audit analysis, then you must a minimum of perform a basic audit, which might lead you to attention-grabbing conclusions concerning your website’s performance. Here are 10 basic steps that each SEO professional (or even simply an internet site owner/designer) ought to follow:


The page title could be a vital a part of SEO. It ought to embody the right keywords for each page that you simply would love to optimize. you must conjointly make sure that the meta-title limit, that is that the most length search engines can show, is beneath fifty five characters.


A meta-description ought to be outlined in each page of your web site. several pages don’t have any meta-description the least bit. The optimum meta-description length is 150-160 characters. once you have fewer characters than the optimum in your meta-description, then you can not offer helpful info in search engine results to the user, in conjunction with targeted keywords for SEO. once you have additional characters than the optimum vary, then info is truncated and not shown properly.

Redirects 301 and Canonical URLs

Does the worldwide internet (www) version of an internet site direct to the non-www duplicate content (and the opposite method round)? you must outline in each page that is that the primary content page. you’ll be able to use 301 redirects and therefore the rel=”canonical” link part to send traffic from the opposite URLs to your most well-liked URL. A server-side 301 direct is that the best thanks to make sure that users and search engines are directed to the right page.

Clean URLs

You should make sure that you utilize well-structured URLs with necessary keywords in them, as this can be terribly useful for SEO.


You should make sure that meta-keywords are faraway from each page as they don’t provide any SEO connected boost. Moreover, meta-keywords are treated generally as spam, since there are several quality websites that provide keyword based mostly links.

Google Author

After recent updates from Google, Google Authorship is gaining additional and additional importance for SEO. For higher rankings in search engines results, you must connect your articles with the author’s Google+ profile by using the authorship markup and therefore the tag rel=author.

Sitemap xml and html

An html web sitemap permits site guests to simply navigate an internet site. it’s a bulleted define text version of web site navigation. The anchor text within the define is connected to the page it refers to. Your web site should have associate html or an XML sitemap, and this could be registered in Google Webmaster Tools.

Temporary redirects

You should not enable 302 redirects in your web site. check that that they don’t seem anyplace in your web site and use instead 301 redirects.

Noindex choice

If you utilize articles that you simply have borrowed/copied totally from another web site, then you must make sure that you have got the “noindex” choice in your page ASCII text file, in order that Google doesn’t index those pages, and later they’re not hierarchal.

404 error pages

You should produce a made-to-order 404 error page. The 404 or Not Found error message could be a http customary response code indicating that the consumer was able to communicate with a given server, however the server couldn’t realize what was requested. the web site hosting server can usually generate a “404 Not Found” online page once a user tries to follow a broken or dead link; therefore the 404 error is one among the foremost recognizable errors users will realize on the online. it’s a decent apply to customise the 404 error page in order that it includes a quick sitemap or/and an exploration feature for your web site. This helps the user to seek out the knowledge he’s yearning for and prevents him from going our web site.


SEO Audit is that the 1st elementary step to the entire chain of SEO procedure, and if it not performed properly, then the entire procedure are going to be supported false estimates. it’s conjointly a necessity once you need to understand wherever your SEO efforts have gotten you to, so far. while not this data it makes no sense to perform any SEO activities, since you don’t understand what the come back from them is.

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